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Health Care. It’s the hot topic on many of our minds. More people are unemployed. The numbers are staggering. It is not surprising that elective screenings are among the first “luxuries” to be cut from a family's household budget. Unfortunately this decision could be catastrophic if a preventable cancer results from a test or screening not taken.

As a two time cancer survivor it is my passion to prevent as many cancers as I possibly can. Sometimes all it takes is a simple test. Not having the money to pay for such a test is no longer a viable excuse.
The Madeline Fiadini LoRe Foundation for Cancer Prevention was established specifically to address those individuals. At the very first MFL Foundation Board meeting, our Board recognized a need in the community. Our mission has focused on fulfilling this void with access to free Colon, Breast and Prostate screenings.

With our diligent Board of Trustees, we have set policy for eligibility and access to the tests/screenings. Funding to support our efforts comes from grants, donations and from several fundraising events throughout the year.

The task before us is monumental but we believe we can make headway, one case at a time. It only takes one person to tell a friend about us. You may be saving their life.
Click HERE to view qualifications for screening and download an application and apply TODAY, It May Save Your Life We encourage ALL to apply and for you to encourage those you may know to apply. You Could Save A Life.

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On Monday, May 6, National Melanoma Monday, MFL in partnership with DermOne in Bayonne began offering skin cancer screenings to those who do not have insurance.

From now on anyone who does not have insurance can call DermOne’s call center 855-853-0636 to schedule an appointment. All they have to do is to say that MFL foundation is sponsoring them.

In addition, MFL Foundation leadership has announced that they have become part of the Garden State Skin Cancer Coalition.
MFL Foundation - DermOne Partnership
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